Really Fun Writing Stuff

Here are my top picks for really fun writing tools, games, apps, websites and so much more.

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Hanx Writer
Hanx Writer (for iPad)

This app is so much fun because it turns your iPad into a typewriter. If
you’ve never had the fun of using a typewriter, now you can. The app also includes modern-day features like cut, paste, share via email, iMessage and the ability to save or open in other apps. Complete with all the fun sounds of a real typewriter, this app was produced by the actor Tom Hanks. This app is free but also offers other features requiring purchase. I’m considering buying the whole package because it’s just too cool.

Magnetic Poetry
Magnetic Poetry

I love these magnetic words for forming stories or poetry on my refrigerator. They are a lot of fun. They sell tins with a wide variety of themes. My husband and I actually spent several months leaving each other silly messages every time we were in the kitchen, so they’re great for kids AND adults.


Book Creator for iPad

Book Creator for iPad

This awesome app allows you to create ebooks in PDF or ePub format. You can then email them, read them in iBooks or even publish and sell them on iBooks! Please read the article by Edutech for Teachers: Best-selling Book Creator App Now Free on iTunes They break down just how fantastic this app really is.